His participation in the study also helped Wessel decide what kind of pediatrician he wanted to be. His role in the study was to interview parents why not find out more during pregnancy. Mothers- and fathers-to-be often burst into tears as they recounted traumatic childhood incidents such as the death of a parent. Is there any way that we as pediatricians could support families during a crisis like that? he asked himself. In 1954, he offered a widely accepted and still widely citeddefinition of colic as a healthy baby with periods of medical interview portsmouth intense, unexplained fussing/crying lasting more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week for more than 3 weeks. With Anthony Dominski, Ph.D, he investigated lead levels in children in the 1970s and recommended a level then thought to be unrealistically low. The American Academy of Pediatrics eventually recommended an even lower level. With Florence Wald, former dean of the Yale School of Nursing, Wessel studied the treatment of terminally ill patients, which Wald believed was often futile and dehumanizing. She told Wessel his role would be to help her understand doctors thinking. I cant explain why doctors do what they do, he told her.

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