News Image UL Rs accredited GMP assessments provide an enhanced confidence between buyers and sellers as they mitigate risk. Global acceptance of U.S. products, services and personnel will help in reducing duplicative marking requirements and certification costs. Dr. Daniel Fabricant, Natural Products Associations CEO and Executive Director states, moving the UL/NPA GMP standard, its auditors and brand through the UL Registrar accredited ANSI standard process was not a difficult decision, and it was a critical step for the dietary supplement industry. It is the first time our program has sought accreditation from the American National Standard Institute through our partnership with UL Registrar LLC. The UL/NPA GMP program is backed by a rigorous standard, which includes FDAs 21 CFR part 111 for dietary supplements as well as additional elements not included in the FDA GMP final rule coupled with medical interview questions uk competent and qualified auditors from a 122 year old organization; UL has instant brand recognition as a science safety company for consumers. The UL/NPA certified clients are listed on and on Upon successful completion of an Accredited UL GMP Certification Assessment, a customer will now be eligible to receive the ANSI logo alongside the IAF MLA Mark on their UL Certificate of Conformance. A certified client may advertise their UL Accredited GMP Certification using the applicable UL Certification Badge.

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